Due to an increase in prices from all suppliers because of COVID-19 and the Inflation Crisis.
We appreciate your understanding and your supporting our family business.

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Eattini is a Sponsor of The Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour

We at Eattini are proud to announce that we are acting as a sponsor for The Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour @uajuniorgolf (Sports League). …

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Thai food in Baltimore - Eattini Thai

Thai Culinary Traditions

Thai history is like a tapestry of unique people and cultures that have been brought together through circumstances to make modern Thai food what it …

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Thai Restaurant in Ellicott City - Eattini Thai Kitchen

What are Some of the Most Common Spices in Thai Cooking?

Thai cooking is famous for its wide range of herbs and spices. You can enjoy a wide variety of tasty food, whether you prefer salty, …

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Ellicott City Thai restaurant - Eattini Thai Kitchen

Uncommon Thai Dishes You’ll Love

While the most well known Thai dish is Pad Thai, there are various other dishes that are less explored. For those who are up for …

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Thai Spices 1 KHA

Galangal root is a spice native to Southern Asia. It’s closely related to ginger and turmeric and has been used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese …

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Eattini Thai Kitchen: COVID-19 Update

Currently, Eattini Thai Kitchen is open for pickup/carryout and delivery only. Though we are not allowing guests to dine in our restaurant at this time, …

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