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Thai Food Ellicott City MD

Best Thai Food for Beginners to Try

If you haven’t tried Thai food yet: the meals are healthy, light, full of vegetables, and almost always have chilies in them. Though chilies are predominant in the meals, they’re not always extremely spicy. If you’re new to Thai food, here are some dishes great for beginners. And, if you want to try Thai food in Ellicott City MD, visit Eattini Thai Kitchen for the best of the best!

Delicious Thai Food for Beginners

Thai soups are usually part of the main meal rather than an appetizer. Tom Yum and Tom Ka are the most common Thai soups. Tom Yum is a prawn soup filled with spicy chilies and doused in lime. It also has a clear stock and doesn’t contain coconut. Tom Ka is a chili-free coconut soup. Lemongrass, Asian mushrooms, and galangal are the main ingredients in this soup.

Pad Thai is a common thin noodle dish with tofu, eggs, fish sauce, dried shrimps, sugar, peanuts, vegetables, and shallots. Pad Siew is a thick noodle dish with soy sauce, kale, broccoli, and with or without meat.

Thai curries are coconut-based and spiced with curry paste. Green curry is sweeter than red curry and is filled with coriander, basil, and kaffir lime leaf. Yellow curry is creamy and rich with turmeric. Fried dishes are common and include prawns, vegetables, tofu, and chicken. Chicken with basil and chili is a classic. Chicken with ginger is filled with vegetables, onions, and ginger rather than flavoring.

Finally, a common Thai appetizer is spring rolls, which are filled with glass noodles, carrots, cabbage, and bean sprouts and served with sweet chili sauce.

What Makes Thai Food Unique

While Thai food is spicy and filled with a plethora of herbs, Chinese food is mild and lightly cooked without as many spices as Thai food. Chinese food lacks curries and commonly have soup in large portions. Once you try Thai cuisine, you’ll know right away that it’s one of a kind.

Looking for Thai Food Ellicott City MD?

Eattini Thai Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant that opened in 2017. We serve authentic Thai food made with recipes passed down from a generation. We use fresh ingredients, quality meats, and tropical herbs. Stop by today for a meal you’ll never forget!

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