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Ellicot City Thai Restaurant

Best Vegetarian Thai Dishes

Being vegetarian or vegan can make going out to eat difficult. This is especially true when those outings include meat-eaters and non-vegetarians. If you would like to enjoy unique cuisines and stick to your vegetarian lifestyle, you can do so at Eattini. Thai food offers a wide variety of cuisines with meat and/or vegetables. Meat dishes can be replaced with vegetarian options as well. If you and your vegetarian friends want a unique culinary experience, consider trying Thai food at an Ellicott City Thai Restaurant.

Vegetarian Thai Dishes

Thai food is, obviously, culinary dishes that originate from Thailand. Thai food utilizes a variety of components, such as meat, vegetables, and tofu. Thai food is also aromatic and spice geared: this combination makes for lively, colorful, and healthy dishes.

As a vegetarian or vegan you may be tempted to stick with common dishes such as veggie spring rolls, however, there is a world of flavors and recipes you can enjoy. If you’re new to Thai food, then you may want to start off with something light and familiar, such as fried tofu with sauce, or vegetarian curry puffs, which consist of onions, sweet potatoes, snow peas, and cucumber relish.

If you are interested in more substantial dishes, you should try some of the major Thai street food staples. Ka-Prow is a vegetarian dish. It is sometimes referred to as Thai Basil. This dish consists of stir-fried garlic, onions, bell papers, and string beans with chili basil sauce over rice. This aromatic dish is colorful and tasty. The aroma of basil and chili blend flavors well, creating a delicious and fulfilling dish for any vegetarian.

Other Dishes

Other dishes that typically include meat can be substituted with vegetarian protein, such as tofu. Dishes such as pad Thai or the very popular drunken noodle can be made with vegetarian protein. The dishes are mainly vegetable, herb, and spice-centered, so no flavor will be lost if you choose to substitute meat with tofu or other vegetarian options.

Top Ellicott City Thai Restaurant

The Thai dishes that often include curry can easily be enjoyed with tofu or vegetables. Thai curry is very aromatic and flavorful, so any substitution you choose will be packed with delicious spices, herbs, and taste. If you are in search of a delicious and highly reviewed, Ellicott City Thai Restaurant, visit Eattini Thai Kitchen. At Eattini Thai Kitchen you can enjoy incredible cuisine with the whole family: there is a large variety of traditional Thai dishes, a kids menu, and plenty of family-friendly beverages to choose from.

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