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Ellicot City Thai Restaurant

Change Up Your Thai Food Order!

When you think of Thai food, your first thoughts are probably of fried rice and Pad Thai. However, Thai culinary creations extend beyond these basics. And Eattini Thai Kitchen, an Ellicott City Thai restaurant, can provide unusual dishes for the more adventurous Thai food lovers.

Koi Nuea (Spicy Raw Minced Beef Salad With Herbs)

If you can get past the fact this consists of raw beef, this meal gives your mouth a variety of flavors to indulge in that come together for a delight for your palette. It even has a hint of lime to not only add to the taste of the dish but also break down the protein in the meat to essentially “cook” the beef a bit.

Pak Ped Tod (Fried Duck Beaks)

This may sound strange, especially if you’re imagining the hardness of a beak when it’s still on the duck. However, for this dish, the chef marinates the beaks in a salty soy sauce that softens the bill while applying a crunchy coating. You’ll find this has a variety of textures you’ll experience in different bites.

Kanom Beuang (Sweet Coconut “Taco” Crisps)

Try kanom beuang if you’re a seafood fan and don’t have a shellfish allergy. It’s basically a small taco filled with sweet coconut meringue. The surprise about this dish is it does contain a salty shrimp mixture.

Yam Pla Dook Foo (Crispy Fried Catfish With a Green Mango Salad)

Get the protein your body needs with this crispy fried catfish recipe. It’s fluffy, which is why it makes this list of unique Thai dishes to try. We can’t explain what exactly that means, but you can discover it for yourself.

Ordering From Our Ellicott City Thai Restaurant

Whether you plan to stick with one of the basics or try one of these unconventional dishes, Eattini Thai Kitchen offers an array of Thai food available for pickup or delivery. We’re a family-owned Ellicott City Thai restaurant serving up authentic ethnic dishes made to order.

If you’d like to try something new or can’t help but order your favorite, contact us today at 443-325-5852. You may also use our convenient online takeout or delivery form to order from your phone or another device.

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