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Maryland Thai food

Popular Thai Dishes and Why We Love Them

Lovers of Maryland Thai food are spoilt for choice with so many dishes and flavors to dip into. Those who are just looking to get familiar with Thai cuisine also have the same rich selection before them. Even with popular dishes, there are many ways to prepare them that lead to each serving having its own special appeal. There’s often something pointable that gives each dish its special appeal to the tastebuds, however!

Best Dishes for Experiencing Maryland Thai Food

Some dishes lend themselves more to the appreciation of a palette that has developed a refined feel for Thai cuisine, such as:

1. Tom Yum Goong

Also known as spicy shrimp soup, it carries a distinct Thai aroma that foreruns the spicy and sour taste. Each spoonful is rich in variety because of the eclectic range of ingredients that go into the dish itself, including lemongrass, lime leaves, shallots and fish sauce. The fresh prawns and straw mushrooms give both added flavor and crunchy texture.

2. Som Tum

This dish, otherwise known as spicy green papaya salad, lends itself more to experienced Thai food enthusiasts because of its strong Thai flavor. That comes from its ingredient combination of garlic, chillies, cherry tomatoes, green beans and shredded raw papaya. All of those come together for a spicy and sour effect, with a sweet but short aftertaste that follows each mouthful.

Best Dishes for People New to Thai Food

Other dishes, still just as delicious, are better for easing newcomers into the world of Thai food.

1. Tom Kha Kai

This is a milder variant of the Tom Yum mentioned above, with the addition of red chilies, strips of chicken and stalks of lemongrass. The presence of coconut milk lessens the spicy effect, but makes up for it with a faraway sweet flavor that doesn’t factor into the mix very prominently yet still adds to the dining experience.

2. Pad Thai

The Thai dish known and recognized worldwide, Pad Thai or Thai style fried noodles is the result of crunchy beansprouts, onion and egg, and small, thin noodles coming together in a sweet, slightly watery delicacy.

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