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Quick, Easy, and Delicious Thai Dishes

Check out these quick and easy recipes to get that addictive taste of Thai cuisine when you are in the mood to exercise your culinary talents. If home cooking Thai food seems too challenging, do a search tor ‘Thai food near me’ to satisfy your addiction for this mouth-watering cuisine and visit Eattini, but in the meantime, check out these common recipes.

Delicious Thai Dishes to Enjoy

Easy Thai Fried Rice

Use leftover rice, or cook fresh rice up if no leftovers are available. Boil an egg, chop, and add to the rice. Check your cupboards for interesting seasoning sauces; chop some fresh herbs into the mixture and you you’re on your way to a delicious Thai fried rice dish.

Thai Chicken Satay

Skewers are a fun way to eat a meal, and they aren’t too hard to make! Skewer cooked chicken pieces and dip in peanut sauce for that comfort food feeling that is so delicious. Both the chicken and peanut sauce are super easy and quick to make, too!

Fried Eggs, Thai Style

Beat an egg, drop some fish sauce into the mix, and blend. Fry in hot oil with a finely chopped green onion for extra flavor. Cooking Thai at home doesn’t come simpler than this dish!

Peanut Sauce and Tofu

Flash fry the tofu in super-hot oil. Use a peanut sauce with the obligatory chili flavoring as a dipping sauce. Making Thai food at home is easy when you cannot order in. Don’t forget some of Nuchy’s special sauce to go with your dish!

Pad See Ew or Noodles and Sweet Soy Sauce

When the craving for noodles takes hold—take action. Prepare the noodles and seasoning sauces. Add to a fry pan with oil over a high heat. Stir fry the combination until well mixed for a flavorsome bowl of savory noodles.

Holy Basil Chicken Stir Fry

Also known as pad gaprow, chicken and holy basil stir fry will get your mouth watering for a taste of Thailand in a bowl. Chop Thai chili, garlic and fresh holy basil to make the seasoning. Cut chicken into strips or use tofu if you prefer a vegetable dish. Fry in oil over a hot heat until cooked. All that’s left is to eat this delicious dish.

Where is the Best Thai Food Near Me?

That is it, folks! Switch up these quick Thai dishes with pork, beef, prawns, or anything else that takes your fancy. Once you are tired of cooking for yourself, visit Eattini Thai Kitchen to gratify your passion for the delicious flavors of Thai dishes, with excellent service.

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