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Maryland Thai Food

Signature Thai Dishes that Define Thai Flavor

Maryland has a flourishing restaurant industry that has a significant impact on the state’s economy. There are around 2000 member restaurants that offer a wide variety of regional and international cuisine, and Eattini Thai Kitchen is a top destination for Maryland Thai food in particular.

Thai Cuisine and its Unique Flavors.

Thai cuisine is well-loved all over the world. Our preparations focus on the ingredients that keep the food fresh and aromatic. Though the cooking process in Thai food is minimal, few flavors are signature to Thai dishes. If you look at the Maryland Thai food scene, you will notice signature dishes like peanut sauce, green curry, and coconut and lime combinations ruling the restaurant menus.

Here are a few Thai dishes that define Thai flavor:

Tom Yung Goong

The Tom Yung Goong soup is exceptionally Thai. It is a warm, rich soup bursting with zesty aromatic flavors and delivers sweet-sour–spicy excitement with every sip. This Thai dish is synonymous with the Thai culture. The soup thrills you with the taste, and several layers of aftertaste grow in intensity as you savor the dish.

The flavor of the key ingredients like kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and lemongrass provides a unique taste and fragrance that is the signature taste of Thai dishes. The delicious balance of all flavors and the unique blend of richness and fragrance on your tongue make Tom Yung Goong an authentic Thai dish that you will find in our Maryland Thai Food restaurant.

Green Curry

Thai curries are known for their deep herbal aromas that blend rich spiciness and subtleness. The Thai green curry is our signature Thai dish that amalgamates broth and meat ingredients like chicken.

The curry paste is rich in Thai flavors, and ingredients like cilantro roots, galangal, shallot, garlic, lemongrass, coriander seeds add unique flavors and thickness to the mix. The added shrimp paste helps infusion of different aromas and ingredients and brings out their flavors.

The signature Thai curry is a velvety warm, sweet-spicy broth that wraps your tongue with signature Thai flavors in every bite.

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