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Thai food in Baltimore - Eattini Thai

Thai Culinary Traditions

Thai history is like a tapestry of unique people and cultures that have been brought together through circumstances to make modern Thai food what it is today. The restaurants that offer Thai food in Baltimore create cuisine that is comprised of a delicious array of dishes, reflective of the past of a complex country with its unique flavors, and how these have evolved.

History of Thai Cuisine

Thai food has a long fascinating history of cuisines that mirror more than 40 cultures of the people who have settled in the country. Diversity in nationalities, cultures, traditions, and languages have established themselves to distinguish historical gastronomies into four primary regions.

Thrill your taste buds with recipes passed down by the Mon people in the Central regions of Thailand prior to Tai people settling in the region. Taste the delectable influences of Isan in the North Eastern region, influenced by Laos and Khmer. Treat yourself to the flavors of the forested region of the North and the former Lanna Kingdom. Enjoy dishes from the South where Malay influences are prominent.

What Makes Thai Food Unique?

Seemingly simple fresh, delicious, spicy, and healthy foods are artfully transformed into collections of absolute deliciousness to tempt your taste buds. Transport your palate to a world of spicy wonders as you absorb the aromas of maenglak, phong phalo and rak phak chi with noodles.

Staple foods such as rice are turned into Thai red cargo rice, black sticky rice, or rice noodles. Staples are complemented by roots, herbs, and spices. Chinese, South American, Portuguese, and Persian inspirations have been added to the mix.

Delicious sauces that enhance poultry, game, and seafood is the outcome of a skillful blend of flavors that appeal to the people of the world.

How Thai Cuisine Has Evolved

Thai Royal Cuisine adds to modern Thai influences, echoed in the art of vegetable carving. Royal Thai Cuisine dates to the Sukhothai Kingdom from 700 years in the past but despite the time lapse, remains to delight the world today.

Traditional meals comprise 5 elements. A dip for vegetables, a clear soup, stew or curry, a deep-friend dish and a stir-fried dish of choice have survived the ages. This favorite custom continues, with contemporary stimuli added to the fusion to maintain interest.

Cucumber for cooling, soy sauce for taste, and Thai rice in a variety of forms have all evolved to reflect the travels of Thai people across the world. Integration of Thai innovation and local fresh produce ensures the cuisine is constantly evolving.

Treat your palate to a 5-course meal from the unique Eattini Thai Kitchen today: you won’t find better Thai food in Baltimore!

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