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Thai food near you

Thai Desserts That You Need to Try

Thailand is well known to deliver exotic looking and tasting desserts that tempt the palate. Experienced in creating sweet desserts that have a multicultural influence, these delicacies are unique and offer delicious Thai food near you.

Try Sweet Thai Food Near You

Sugary-Sweet Thai Crepes

Indulge in the sweet finger delights of Thai crepes that have been luxuriously packed with meringue, rich cream, and foy thong (shredded egg yolk).

Mango-Flavored Sticky Rice

Treat yourself to a fusion of sliced icy mango spread over sticky rice and saturated with rich coconut milk. You have not experienced the true essence of Thai desserts until you have tasted this dish.

Bread Rolls Filled with Custard

This dessert comes with a variety of fillings, including chocolate, green tea, and other custards. Simple but delicious, everyone should try this comfort food at least once in their life.

Coconut-Flavored Ice Cream

Light, yet rich and flavorful, this ice cream is accompanied by a selection of toppings to suit your palate. Select syrups, peanuts, chocolate, and more to adorn this dessert for a heavenly experience.

Rice Dumplings with Coconut

Flavored rice dumplings are yet another comforting sweet treat. They consist of rice flour and coconut that is grilled and can be served alone or with tasty complements, including mung bean candy, below.

Mung Bean Candy

Mung beans are crushed into a smooth paste. The paste is then sweetened and glazed after being cut into tiny, delectable fruit shapes.

Sticky Rice (with Black Beans in Banana Leaf or Red Bean Bamboo Dessert)

Sticky rice is a staple meal in Thailand, but it is also dressed up as dessert. This delightful dish contains black beans, sugar, and coconut milk—conveniently served in a banana leaf. A similar dish is created from sugar, coconut cream, and red beans before being cooked in bamboo, which adds to the intrigue of this dessert.

Thai Jelly

Appetizing Thai jelly is made from flour, sugar, and coconut milk. It is then sliced into small squares and decorated with coconut and other delicious toppings that keep you coming back for more.

Thai Roti

Pamper your sweet tooth with this sweet dough dessert, drenched in creamy butter. The mixture is then grilled and topped with a variety of flavorings to produce perfection on a plate.

Explore the sweet delights of Eattini restaurant for Thai food near you that will make a regular customer out of you.

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