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Thai restaurant in Maryland

What is Thai Street Food?

Asian cuisine is among the tastiest and healthiest dishes globally. The majority of Asian dishes share a few common ingredients, but Thai cuisines differ significantly and positively from other dishes in other Asian countries.  At Eattini, a premier Thai restaurant in Maryland, we celebrate the lively and communal Thai food culture by offering traditional dishes such as Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai noodles, satay, and Thai curries, as well as the best picks in street food, including Pad Kra Pao, Som Tam, Pad Thai Kung, and Gai Satay.

The Best in Thai Street Food

Pad Kra Pao
Pad Kra Pao, described as a dish with a sharp peppery flavor, comprises a mix of stir-fried chicken or minced pork, served over white rice. While picky eaters may not enjoy this meal, Thai street food vendors can cut back on the spices upon request. Also, the dish may include a fried egg.

Som Tam
Som Tam is among the popular dishes in Thailand, and Thai food enthusiasts enjoy its availability in different serving styles. Essentially, our culinary masters make this dish using shredded green papaya, lime juice, fish sauce, dried shrimp string beans, and sugar as well as plenty of chilies, carrots, tomatoes, and peanuts. The ingredients get crushed with a mortar and pestle, thus blending the flavors to precision, creating a spicy mixture.

Pad Thai Kung
Generally served with lime wedges and garnished with roasted peanuts, Pad Thai Kung is a type of Thai street food that comprises soaked dried rice cooked with shrimp and just the right amount of vegetables. With many variations, the meal’s amongst the most iconic dishes in Thailand.

Gai Satay
A light snack, the chicken Gai satay is a delightful meal replicated throughout the world. To make it, our chefs place juicy pieces of chicken on a skewer and then grill them to perfection to ensure that they get soaked in their juices. We then serve it glazed with its juices or a dash of honey. Hand, moo (or, pork), and beef satay are also available.

When’s the Best Time to enjoy Thai Street Food?

Most revelers enjoy the diverse Thai street cuisines when visiting Thailand, particularly Bangkok, known for its most street food establishments. While Thai cuisines require a lot of ingredients when preparing them, achieving that perfect taste lies in the combination of four key tastes, bitter, sour, salty, and sweet.

Eattini Thai Kitchen, a Premier Thai Restaurant in Maryland

A family-owned Thai restaurant in Maryland, Eattini Thai Kitchen is on a mission to create memorable meals and experiences. We use quality meats and fresh herbs, and ingredients to provide mouth-watering Thai street cuisines. Visit or call us to find out more.

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