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What is the Thai Food Spice Scale?

At Eattini Thai Kitchen, Chef Nuchy B. skillfully balances sweet, bitter, salty, sour and spicy flavors to create some of the tastiest cuisine in the world. Of these five essential Thai flavors, spicy is the one most easily underestimated by diners, especially those who are new to the cuisine of Thailand. Here’s everything you need to know about the four spice levels offered at our Thai restaurant:

Thai Food Spice Scale


Almost every Thai dish contains some form of chili peppers, but some are spicier than others. If you’re new to Thai cuisine, or prefer a milder heat, go for spring rolls stuffed with glass noodles and veggies with sweet chili sauce on the side. Green curries tend to be cooler and sweeter than their red counterparts, too.

**Little Spicy

Once you’ve acclimated your taste buds to milder Thai food, you may want to ramp up your game with extra bird’s eye chili, dragon pepper, or phrik khi nu added to your chicken or noodle dish. If Louisiana Tabasco sauce is the heat level you like, Little Spicy is sure to satisfy.

***Medium Spicy

Experienced eaters who enjoy an exciting blast of spicy heat may request the chef incorporate additional chili into any dish to boost its fiery appeal. The first time you try Medium Spicy at our Thai restaurant, go slow because some Thai heat can sneak up on you. A side of cucumber relish can help to tame a too-hot bite.

****Thai Hot Spicy

This ultra-authentic heat level replicates the cuisine loved by locals in Thailand. Distinctively aromatic and flavorful, Thai Hot Spicy level is beyond what most Westerners can handle. Unless you are fully prepared for steam to come out of your ears, you might want to stick with a milder heat level!

Hot, Medium or Mild – Your Choice

Whether you’re feeling adventurous, or if you prefer to keep your meals on the mild side, Eattini Thai Kitchen is cooking up something you’ll love. Come check out our friendly and authentic Thai restaurant in Ellicot City Maryland.

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