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Thai Food Baltimore

What You Should Know about Thai Curries

Curry is an important part of any Thai food Baltimore has to offer and most Thai meals include it. If you want to get to know that cuisine, it’s important to know the three main types, which include red, yellow, and green curry. While the types are recognizable by the colors that are in them, there are other differences to note as well.

Green Curry

This type of curry is generally known as the most popular, and the green sauce it uses has become even more vibrant over the years. In addition to its normal ingredients, other herbs are often added, like basil, makrut lime leaf, and fresh cilantro. Combine these with green chilies and other items, such as ginger, garlic, lemongrass, fish sauce, and shallots, and that gives it quite a distinct taste.

Red Curry

Red curry has remained mostly the same over time with its traditions firmly in place. The red color comes from the red chilies, which also gives it extra spice. Some chefs leave some of the chilies out and instead, use tomato paste for coloring and to take out some of the spicy aspects for consumers. While many people like the spice, there are those that like a tang with more of a bland appeal as well. Red curry offers options.

Yellow Curry

This curry is sometimes sour because it can have a distinct flavor due to an added pineapple taste. While it is the easiest curry to make, it is generally very spicy and yet sweet. Not only is the color telling as to which type of curry it is, but the rich taste allows it to go with many dishes.

Thai Food in Baltimore

If you haven’t eaten a lot of Thai food, Baltimore is a good location to whet your appetite. While it’s nice to have some background on different types of curry, you can always ask the servers at Eattini Thai Kitchen for advice based on your tastes and what you prefer. Getting to know the curry is a good step at getting to know Thai cuisine in general since every meal includes some type of that dish.

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